Toys Make Us

December 20, 2017 texasurj 0

For children, playing is so much more than just a way to pass the time–it is vital to their social, intellectual, and emotional development. The toys they play with greatly aid in this early development, but they can also implement gender stereotypes and negatively affect brain development.

Which language do you think in? All of them.

October 27, 2017 texasurj 0

Enter any public setting here in South-Central Texas and one may witness a unique phenomenon of language interaction: a speaker starts a sentence in English and finishes in Spanish. “Es que, I sometimes talk así.”

What Are the Ingredients to Peace?

November 10, 2015 texasurj 0

The importance of analyzing any potential policy or international development through a complete historical and cultural perspective is a key principle I’ve gathered through the political theory and international relations courses I’ve taken so far at the University of Texas.