Decoding Climate Change: 2017 Science Panel (Recap)

Former President Barack Obama declared climate change to be the “issue that will define the contours of this century more than any other.” And it seems very much so: climate change discussions dominate news cycles, agencies and individuals pour countless sums to research and mitigate its effects, and politicians clash over even the existence of the issue itself.

While progress has been made – international agreements to reduce emissions, technological advancements for cleaner energy, and new environmental regulations – the world is still far from its long-term climate solution.

On October 5th, the URJ hosted a panel to explore what cutting-edge work is being done in the present and the political, legal, and technological obstacles to overcome that make climate change the enigmatic issue that it is. 

Four panelists (Dr. John Doggett, Professor, McCombs School of Business | Dr. Todd Votteler, Executive Manager, Guadalupe – Blanco River Authority | Dr. Kerry Cook, Professor, Jackson School of Geosciences | Dr. Jim Dyer, Professor, McCombs School of Business) shared with the over 60 attendees their diverse experiences in issues firsthand, from the perspectives of scientific research, consulting, law, public management, and more.


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