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Research In Engineering Part 2: The Thermal Façade Lab 12.13.16

By Abraham Peek, Assistant Editor of Social Sciences The Thermal Façade Labs at the University of Texas at Austin are two outdoor facilities that allow UT professors, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers to conduct groundbreaking research on facades, window systems, … Continue reading

Research in Engineering Part 1: An Interview with Professor Atila Novoselac 11.29.16

By Abraham Peek, Assistant Editor of Social Sciences Dr. Atila Novoselac is an associate professor in Cockrell’s Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering. He’s an expert in Architectural Engineering and Building Energy and Environments and has worked on more … Continue reading

Changing Biological Clocks 11.03.16

By Kyungseok Jung, Assistant Editor of Natural Sciences Whether it be working late night shifts, travelling across the world, or re-training ourselves to wake up before 2 PM, we have all tried tirelessly to shift our sleep schedules. Circadian clocks are … Continue reading

Programming Cancer 10.25.16

By Stephanie Wang, Assistant Editor of Natural Sciences Cancer is a disease that involves the the uncontrollable division of the body’s cells. Human bodies, for the most part, do a good job of making sure we get what we need. … Continue reading

The Biology of Biofuels: An Interview with Shayan Bhathena 10.05.16

By Sonali Arora, Assistant Editor of Social Sciences   Shayan Bhathena is a senior at The University of Texas at Austin majoring in Plan II and Human Biology. Shayan works as a peer mentor for the Biology of Biofuels stream … Continue reading

Who Wants to Live Forever? 04.12.16

By Dmitri Ukraintsev, Biochemistry Major The DNA in our cells is constantly undergoing replication with each cell division throughout our lives, with some organ systems replacing themselves cell by cell in just a matter of days. DNA utilizes a number … Continue reading

Solving Aging with Young Blood and Circulating Factors? 04.08.16

By Shadhi Mansoori, Director of Development Parabiosis: surgically joining two organisms that then share and exchange rapid and continuous circulation. Parabiosis has been adopted by researchers as a means to test if joining old and young mice together (heterochronic parabiosis) shows signs … Continue reading

UT Alumni: An Interview with Caitlin Spofford 04.04.16

By Venkat Tirumala, Assistant Editor of Natural Sciences Caitlin Spofford graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in chemical engineering on December 5th, 2015. Throughout her undergraduate career, Caitlin has played an active role in many … Continue reading

Strokes on the Brain 11.23.15

by Amir Ali, Assistant Editor of Natural Sciences FAST. F = face drooping. A = arm weakness. S = speech difficulty. T = time to call 911. Picture that you have just left your apartment and are walking to class. … Continue reading

Innovation in Alternative Energy: A Look at Professor John Goodenough 10.27.15

by Colleen O’Neill, Assistant Editor of Humanities As a pre-med student in the College of Liberal Arts, I rarely find myself researching topics outside of my field – especially lithium-ion batteries and alternative fuel sources. However, when I heard that University … Continue reading