Who Wants to Live Forever?

April 12, 2016 texasurj 0

DNA utilizes a number of steps to copy our genetic code into new cells so we can get taller, heal wounds, grow hair and nails, and even make germ-line cells like sperm and eggs to reproduce. However, DNA has limitations.

Solving Aging with Young Blood and Circulating Factors?

April 8, 2016 texasurj 0

Parabiosis: surgically joining two organisms that then share and exchange rapid and continuous circulation. Parabiosis has been adopted by researchers as a means to test if joining old and young mice together (heterochronic parabiosis) shows signs of reversing age-related impairments.

UT Alumni: An Interview with Caitlin Spofford

April 4, 2016 texasurj 1

Throughout her undergraduate career, Caitlin has played an active role in many organizations, such as serving as the President of Omega Chi Epsilon (the chemical engineering honor society), playing in UT’s marching band, and working as an undergraduate researcher in Dr. Hal Alper’s lab.