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Research In Engineering Part 2: The Thermal Façade Lab 12.13.16

By Abraham Peek, Assistant Editor of Social Sciences The Thermal Façade Labs at the University of Texas at Austin are two outdoor facilities that allow UT professors, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers to conduct groundbreaking research on facades, window systems, … Continue reading

The Contemporary Influence of the Renaissance: Hamilton and Shakespeare 11.10.16

By Jennifer Murphy, Assistant Editor of Humanities Many people believe that Renaissance literature and hip-hop do not interact with each other. These two areas are often never discussed at the same time when studying the English language. However, playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda has revealed … Continue reading

Changing Biological Clocks 11.03.16

By Kyungseok Jung, Assistant Editor of Natural Sciences Whether it be working late night shifts, travelling across the world, or re-training ourselves to wake up before 2 PM, we have all tried tirelessly to shift our sleep schedules. Circadian clocks are … Continue reading

The Orphan Myth 10.31.16

By Maria Düster, Assistant Editor of Social Sciences Over the past decades, hundreds of thousands of citizens in western countries have adopted children from impoverished, troubled, or war-torn countries. These adoptees, though pure in intention, are often ignorant about the dark … Continue reading

Programming Cancer 10.25.16

By Stephanie Wang, Assistant Editor of Natural Sciences Cancer is a disease that involves the the uncontrollable division of the body’s cells. Human bodies, for the most part, do a good job of making sure we get what we need. … Continue reading

A Note From The Executive Editor 10.11.15

The Texas Undergraduate Research Journal strives to reflect the vast breadth and depth of undergraduate research being conducted here at UT Austin. This year we have decided to start a blog dedicated to showcasing not only the interesting research going on … Continue reading