Calling all Local Scientists for a Public Engagement Opportunity!

If you’re a undergraduate scientist or engineer and would like to share with younger students your story about how you got involved in STEM, here’s a great opportunity for you!

The American Association for the Advancement of Science is bringing together scientists and engineers who want to share their stories, with 6-12th grade students who want to meet them.  Every year AAAS hosts its annual meeting in a different city (in 2018 it’s in Austin TX, February 15th – 19th) and during the meeting, AAAS organizes an event that brings science to local public-school students.  Last year, at the Boston meeting, they arranged for over 20 scientists to give 15min “TED-like” talks about how they became scientists at local middle and high schools.  It was a huge success and they are now planning to do it again in 2018 (but of course in Texas, they are going much bigger!).  AAAS is going beyond Austin in order to reach more classrooms, include more scientists, and reach more students.

AAAS is recruiting scientists and engineers (students, postdocs, professors and professional scientists) from local universities and industry who will visit local schools to share their unique personal journeys into science careers while middle and high school students ask questions.  There is growing evidence that meeting scientists and hearing about their work, as well as their struggles, can help students see themselves as scientists, and have a positive effect on their academic work.  Between 30 – 40 scientists will be recruited and trained in giving a short “TED like” talk.  Their backgrounds and scientific field will span a wide range reflecting the membership of AAAS.  Biologists, mathematicians, social scientists and engineers will share some of what makes their science interesting and important and how they arrived at where they’re at.  AAAS would love to have YOU participate in this event.  Please check out their website for more information and sign up if you are interested.

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