• The Use of Seemingly Useless Research

    The Ig Nobel Prize, a satirical version of the coveted Nobel Prize, awards scientists who have made bizarre or trivial discoveries that “first make people laugh, and then make them think.” However, it was not made to mock the scientific process or its findings, but rather to spark interest in science and technology and to encourage people to think deeply about the scientific research they encounter.

  • Quali-tea Boba: An Inside Look Into The Boba Experience

    With about 83% of American adults consuming it annually, coffee has become a major aspect of the American way of life, being consumed for study, caffeination, and relaxation. But this staple is facing competition from a curiously unique, highly customizable, and increasingly popular drink from Taiwan – boba tea.

  • Toys Make Us

    For children, playing is so much more than just a way to pass the time–it is vital to their social, intellectual, and emotional development. The toys they play with greatly aid in this early development, but they can also implement gender stereotypes and negatively affect brain development.

  • Which language do you think in? All of them.

    Enter any public setting here in South-Central Texas and one may witness a unique phenomenon of language interaction: a speaker starts a sentence in English and finishes in Spanish. “Es que, I sometimes talk así.”

“A Terrific Addition”: The Texas Undergraduate Research Journal

About Us

The Texas Undergraduate Research Journal is a work of multi-disciplinary research produced and edited by University of Texas at Austin undergraduate students. The Journal is published every spring semester, circulated across campus, and housed in the Library of Congress. We are sponsored by the Undergraduate Writing Center.

Throughout the year URJ sponsors events that increase student participation in research across campus. This organization engages students with researchers in academia and in industry by annually hosting Humanities, Business, Sciences research panels. A writing workshop in the spring semester hosted by URJ editors informs students about writing techniques that improve quality and coherency of research papers. URJ’s presence on campus extends beyond a yearly publication to include research awareness and education.

The Pioneer is the Texas Undergraduate Research Journal’s bi-weekly op-ed. Written and edited by the URJ staff, The Pioneer highlights research from a wide range of disciplines, with a focus on undergraduate experiences, and also features current research events and opportunities for undergraduates.

The URJ editors extend their gratitude to our sponsors for their endless support and guidance: President Gregory Fenves, Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Gage E. Paine, Vice President for Research Dr. Juan M. Sanchez, and the University Co-op.